About the Podcast

Here you’ll enjoy privileged in fact to meet my merry Rolodex of change makers, thought leaders , daring disrupters and quiet innovators. And we spotlight what’s successful on the fringes. Crush bad ideas , baffling complexity unworkable solutions and sclerotic mindset in the mainstream. Give the megaphone to the Physicians, troublemakers and entrepreneurs shaking up our very very messy system.

I’m unashamed to say I like messy verticals. All entrepreneurs do. It’s how we roll.Well Healthcare is the Undisputed Champion of Hot Messes. In this cornah champion of the ring ….

But most all the problems in healthcare are fixed. On the fringes. It’s paddling upstream on an ocean liner while the kayak next to us floats downstream. My guests are the very cool folks leading the kayak regatta. Some paddle silently. Done make a huge splash. All generate ripple effects that can change the works. Change of giant lumbering bureaucracy always starts on the fringes.

Reversing burnout. Avoidable Physician Shortages. Suicides.Bad models. Forced buyouts. An easy trillion in Waste. Expensive insurance out of reach to 70% of employees benefitting primarily —shareholders .Poor outcomes. Medical errors.