Episode # 222 – Dr. Harvey Castro was an Adviser to ChatGPT in Healthcare. Will AI Replace the Sacred Trust in Care or Cause Some Other Unforeseen Harm? Will it Replace Radiologists? Where are the Risks. The Easy wins? Will it Embarrass or Enhance Diagnostics and Treatment?

In this episode, Ron chats with AI in healthcare expert, Dr. Harvey Castro. Here, Harvey discusses how AI is currently being used in healthcare and what he thinks some of the most practical uses in healthcare are in the future. He also does a deep dive into how he thinks AI can help supplement physicians by helping them cut down on time in front of a computer and thus spending more face time with patients.  They discuss how AI will impact jobs in the healthcare industry as well as the industry as a whole.

With over 20 years of experience as a physician, entrepreneur, former CEO of a medical health care system and author, Dr. Harvey Castro is passionate about leveraging AI to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes as a Strategic advisor of ChatGPT & Healthcare. He works with healthcare professionals and AI developers to create and implement AI adoption plans, identify innovative AI applications, and drive the integration of AI solutions.

His aim is to bridge the gap between AI technology, healthcare services, and strategic decision-making. He focuses on ensuring the alignment of AI with clinical needs, data integrity, technological compatibility, and staff training. He also shares his insights and vision through his books, publications, and public speaking engagements to increase awareness and inspire action on AI’s transformative potential.

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Episode # 221 – Ali Hashemi, Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health in Dubai, Has Published Impressive Outcomes Reversing Metabolic Disease Like T2D in 5 Nearby Countries with the Worst Problem Globally.

This episode features Ali Hashemi, the Co-Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health. Here he does a deep dive into his two companies. meta[bolic] is a hybrid digital therapeutics company that tackles the global metabolic health crisis head-on from a first-principles basis and synthesizes the human and machine in the pursuit of enduring behavior change and lasting outcomes. GluCare is a tech-enabled comprehensive diabetes care platform, incorporating the latest innovations in wearables and IoT devices, ML, and AI to enable its clinicians to be compassionate humans. Ali also dives into how diabetes is a disease of habit and lifestyle and how his platform empowers caregivers to be data-driven coaches in changing human behavior. He also shares the amazing results patients are seeing while using these platforms.

Ali Hashemi is the Co-Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health and an investor in early-stage ventures at the intersection of health and techno- logy, with a particular focus on the application of deep learning and complex algorithms to solve challenging problems in healthcare. Ali was previ- ously the founder of Amana Healthcare, the benchmark and fastest growing continum-of-care hospital platform in the Middle East, acquired by Mubadala Healthcare in 2018 in what was among the largest deals in regional healthcare M&A. Ali previously founded and led the Middle East Healthcare Practice at Booz & Company, based out of Dubai.

Prior to joining Booz&Co, Ali was a member of the Healthcare Practice and the Private Equity Practice at Bain & Company, based in New York City. Ali studied Medicine and received his MBA concurrently from McGill University. He received a B.S.E. with Distinction from Duke University with a dual major in BioMedical Engineering and Religion and a minor in Chemistry.

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Episode # 220 – John Lufburrow as Chief Revenue Officer of Revive Health has 2M Members at a 98 NPS, 3:1 ROI and Offers Primary Care Virtually Customized with Mental Health, Urgent Care and a Robust Mail Order Pharmacy.

In this episode Ron chats with John Lufburrow Chief Revenue Officer at ReviveHealth. ReviveHealth is a virtual healthcare subscription service that offers online primary care, urgent care, mental health care, pharmacy services and various specialists – all available on demand. Here they discuss the frustration with the current healthcare system and how inconvenient it is for employers, providers, and patients. They also do a deep dive into how ReviveHealth works and the kind of cost savings their clients are experiencing. John also shares some success.

John Lufburrow is a distinguished business executive and visionary leader with a career spanning over two decades in the dynamic world of healthcare. His unwavering commitment to innovation, combined with a deep-rooted passion for healthcare, has solidified his reputation as a transformative force in the industry.  Contributions include several business turnarounds and exponential new business growth at both early development firms and large national organizations.

In his current role as Chief Revenue Officer at ReviveHealth, John Lufburrow leads the charge in growing the company’s cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions and services, with a primary emphasis on virtual care and pharmacy services. Under his visionary leadership, ReviveHealth has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology growing rapidly to over 2 million subscribers.

Before joining ReviveHealth, Mr. Lufburrow held a series of pivotal executive positions at one of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. His tenure was marked by several accomplishments in developing, leading, and nurturing sales and marketing teams and organizations.

John’s journey in healthcare has been a testament to his unparalleled dedication to improving patient outcomes, enhancing healthcare accessibility, and fostering growth innovation.

John is well known for his strategic acumen, unwavering commitment to excellence, and an unshakable belief in the power of innovation to drive positive change in the healthcare landscape. His leadership philosophy revolves around fostering a high-performing culture of collaboration, transparency, and development of the individual.

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Episode # 219 – Sandeep Palakodeti MD Started Mishe.co and the Rebel Health Alliance to Eliminate Big Middle Profiteers with Specialists, Surgeons and the Consumer.

In this episode, Ron has a conversation about physician democratization with Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Mishe.co Health & the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rebel Health Alliance. Throughout their discussion, Dr. Palakodeti delves into his work with Rebel & Mishe, the goals & missions of the two organizations, how they differ from the typical primary care infrastructure, and much more!

Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti is a practicing internal medicine physician, experienced healthcare executive, and a passionate innovator looking to bring much needed change across our broken American healthcare system. Sandeep is a native of Ohio where he earned his MD and MPH with a focus on population health and physician leadership. He trained in internal medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, followed by a fellowship in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Palakodeti started his career as a hospital-based physician at the storied Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, but soon became disillusioned with our current “sick care” system which focuses so much energy at the end-state of disease, when someone is already suffering significant complications from chronic issues. He then spent the next part of his career as a physician and leader in various value-based organizations. He served as Chief Clinical Design Officer at CareMore Health, a premier risk-bearing organization serving a diverse Medicare and Medicaid population. He also served as Chief Population Health Officer at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH, one of the largest health-systems in the country, where he oversaw the Accountable Care Organization (which served over 600k patients) and the self-insured employee plan which covered over 35k commercial beneficiaries.

As an entrepreneur and advocate of startup disruption in healthcare, Sandeep is drawn to the possibilities of reimagining our system through new company formation, and currently serves in two prominent leadership roles, as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Mishe.co, the first fully-integrated specialty savings plan, and as Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rebel Health Alliance, a national specialty cloud clinic focused on longevity, wellness, optimization, and metabolic health.

Dr. Palakodeti is a staunch supporter of patients over profits and the need for more courage and creativity in the healthcare space. He currently resides back in Ohio with his wonderful wife, Abigail, their two children, 3 dogs, 10 chickens, and a cat in an idyllic rural setting.

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  • Under 5% increases annually.

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Episode # 218 – Doug Farrago MD is an OG Pioneer in DPC – Co-Founded DPC Frontier, Two Blogs and 6 Books on the Matter. Calls National DPC – DINO’s. Listen in as We Disagree on Their Values vs Mom and Pop Local DPC.

In this episode, Ron chats with Dr. Douglas Farrago, Author, Keynote Speaker, Retired Medical Doctor and Inventor of the Knee Saver which is currently in the Baseball Hall of Fame and the CryoHelmet used by athletes for head injuries as well as migraine sufferers. Throughout their chat Dr. Farrago and Ron discuss their differing opinions on DPC and where they align as the ‘rebel alliance’ against the status quo of today’s healthcare and insurance systems.

Douglas Farrago MD is board certified in the specialty of Family Practice. He is the inventor of a product called the Knee Saver which is currently in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Knee Saver and its knock-offs are worn by many major league baseball catchers. He is also the inventor of the CryoHelmet used by athletes for head injuries as well as migraine sufferers. From 2001 – 2011, Dr. Farrago was the editor and creator of the Placebo Journal which ran for 10 full years. Described as the Mad Magazine for doctors, he and the Placebo Journal were featured in the Washington Post, US News and World Report, the AP, and the NY Times. Douglas Farrago, MD received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia in 1987, his Masters of Education degree in the area of Exercise Science from the University of Houston in 1990, and his Medical Degree from the University of Texas at Houston in 1994. His residency training occurred way up north at the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. In his final year, he was elected Chief Resident by his peers. Dr. Farrago has practiced family medicine for twenty-three years, first in Auburn, Maine and now in Forest, Virginia. He founded Forest Direct Primary Care in 2014, which quickly filled in 18 months. Dr. Farrago still blogs every day on his website Authenticmedicine.com and lectures worldwide about the present crisis in our healthcare system and the effect it has on the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Farrago’s has written three books on direct primary care: The Official Guide to Starting Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice, The Direct Primary Care Doctor’s Daily Motivational Journal and Slowing the Churn in Direct Primary Care (While Also Keeping Your Sanity) are all best sellers in this genre. He is a leading expert in direct primary care model and lectures medical students, residents, and doctors on how to start their own DPC practice. He retired from clinical medicine in October, 2020.

Episode # 217 – Welcome back Dr. Mary Talley Bowden Who Fought the FDA. Won. The Texas Medical Board and Houston Methodist. Ongoing. Meet a Heroine to Millions.

This episode features Mary Talley Bowden, Owner of BreatheMD. Here she discusses her recent legal cases with the federal government and Houston Methodist, her experience being deplatformed on social media, Ivermectin, vaccine injury, and more. She also does a deep dive on how she stood up for herself and her patients against the medical establishment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Bowden completed her residency at Stanford University and is board-certified in both Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine. In 2003, she moved to Houston and worked with Drs. Kyle McCutcheon and Alasdair Gilchrist at Memorial Northwest Otolaryngology. She specializes in sinus, sleep and allergy disorders and treats both children and adults.

As a mother of four boys, Dr. Bowden has spent many years being on the other side of the doctor-patient relationship. Her frustrations with the traditional medical system inspired her to open BreatheMD in 2019, with the goal to simplify and improve patients’ office visit experiences. To optimize efficiency, she has included multiple therapeutic diagnostic modalities on-site so patients can leave her office with a treatment plan and feeling better. Access to her clinic is easy with ground-level parking and online appointment scheduling. Patients are expected to leave the visit feeling better, with medications and procedures available in her clinic.

BreatheMD is a cash-pay facility, and Dr Bowden has opted out of all insurance plans but keeps her prices fair and transparent.  All prices for clinic appointments and surgeries are listed on our website.  Patients are given an itemized receipt to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement.  If you are an employer who self-insures, please talk to us – we love working directly with businesses to help them provide affordable high-quality care to their patients.

Dr. Bowden is also interested in research and is currently working to publish her findings from recent COVID-19 testing. For a list of Dr. Bowden’s publications, please click here.

She is on the advisory team of FLCCC and a member of the AAPS.  She recently found the Coalition for Health Freedom, a grassroots effort to bridge 1300+ like-minded health organizations to take collective action.

Episode # 216 – We Finally Get One Medical on the Show. With Nathan Houghton We Learn NPS, Renewal Rates, Pricing, ROI for Employers, Engagement, Physician Retention All Before the Amazon Purchase.

In this episode, Ron is joined by Nathan Houghton, Manager of DPC Solutions at One Medical & the Business Development Analyst for PeakMed LifeCenters. Here, they discuss direct primary care at One Medical, Nathan’s work with PeakMed – a membership-based medical practice with a flat monthly membership for unlimited access to health services, how they are retaining providers & consumers, specific statistics including ROI, and more.

Nathan Houghton has a background in accounting and finance. He has a passion in driving change in the healthcare industry through better access and lower plan costs.

He works with large employers to develop a strategy of incorporating Direct Primary Care into employee benefit offerings.

Episode # 215 – E-Patient Dave DeBronkart Gave a Standing Ovation Ted Talk and Clarifies the Patient Led Healthcare Revolution.

In this episode of Primary Care Cures, Dave DeBronkart, Speaker, Author, Analyst, & Owner of e-PatientDave LLC joins Ron to discuss the power of the patient. Dave shares his experience surviving stage 4 kidney cancer, emphasizes the importance of ‘participatory medicine’, and how it helps healthcare achieve its potential while saving countless lives in the process

Dave deBronkart, known on the internet as e-Patient Dave, is the author of the highly rated Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook and one of the world’s leading advocates for patient engagement. After beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007 he became a blogger, health policy advisor and international keynote speaker. An accomplished speaker in his professional life before cancer, he is today the best-known spokesman for the patient engagement movement, attending over 650 conferences and policy meetings in 26 countries, including testifying in Washington for patient access to the medical record under Meaningful Use.

A co-founder and chair emeritus of the Society for Participatory Medicine, e-Patient Dave has appeared in TimeU.S. NewsUSA TodayWiredMIT Technology Review, and the HealthLeaders cover story “Patient of the Future.” His writings have been published in the British Medical Journal, the Patient Experience Journal,  iHealthBeat, and the conference journal of the American Society for Clinical Oncology. In 2009 HealthLeaders named him and his doctor to their annual list of “20 People Who Make Healthcare Better,” and he’s appeared on the cover of Healthcare IT News and the Australian GP magazine Good Practice.

Dave’s TED Talk Let Patients Help went viral, and for years was in the top half of the most viewed TED Talks of all time with over a half million views; volunteers have added subtitles in 26 languages, indicating the global appeal of his message. In 2012 the National Library of Medicine announced that it’s capturing his blog in its History of Medicine Division, and he was the Mayo Clinic’s 2015 Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine.


Episode # 214 – Meet Taylor Coffman and Susannah Fox – Who After Serving as CTO for HHS Wrote Rebel Health. Taylor is an Actress and Producer Who is a Fine Example of this Patient Led Heath Movement Outlined.

In this episode Ron chats with Taylor Coffman and Susannah Fox. Here, Taylor discusses her difficult journey battling with a rare disease while being a new mother with an infant. She also dives into the importance of sharing her healthcare challenges with others as a way to give hope and advocate for people similar healthcare issues. Susannah discusses the patient lead revolution she explores in her book “Rebel Health: A Field Guide to the Patient-Led Revolution in Medical Care”. She also elaborates on the 4 archetypes she mentions in her book and the different roles they play in the revolution. Susannah offers hope and a roadmap for the way patients can revolutionize the way patients seek and receive care in America.

Taylor Coffman is a multi-hyphenate creative from the east coast. She is the author of the Substack Rare Disease Girl. Her article in the Huffington Post on patient empowerment trended to Number 1 on Apple News. As an actor, Coffman has recurred on HBO’s Silicon Valley directed by Mike Judge, CBS’s Life in Pieces, Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack, and has appeared in Ryan Murphy’s FEUD. Behind the scenes, she worked for many years at Jimmy Kimmel Live, one of the nation’s most listened-to NPR stations, KPCC, and in podcasting at LAist Studios. She lives in Santa Monica with her musician husband, Dustbowl Revival’s Zach Lupetin, daughter, and a very needy rescue dog named Sunny.

Susannah Fox is a health and technology strategist. Her book, Rebel Health: A Field Guide to the Patient-Led Revolution in Medical Care, was recently published by MIT Press. She is a former Chief Technology Officer for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where she led an open data and innovation lab. She has served as the entrepreneur-in-residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and she directed the health portfolio at the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.


Episode # 213 – Matt Ohrt of Self Fund Health. Round 2. Ideal Plan Design for Self-Insured Employers.

In this episode Ron welcomes back Matt Ohrt, Co-Founder and Chief Healthcare Officer at Self Fund Health. Here they do a deep dive into Matt’s thoughts on ideal plan designs, the importance of on-site or near-site clinics, the biggest barriers to adoption and engagement, the tribalism in health plans, and more.

Matt Ohrt and Jon Baran cofounded Self Fund Health to help brokers and employers be able to write their own healthcare success stories.  Self Fund Health combines traditional TPA, PBM, Direct Primary Care, and Direct Contracts under a single technology platform to dramatically simplify what’s needed for employers to succeed. By implementing similar approaches, progressive employers across Wisconsin have saved 10-30% on overall healthcare costs.

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Matt learned the value of hard work, integrity, and problem-solving. Throughout his career, Matt has served as an influential executive leader, working for companies such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Badger Mining (#1 Great Place to Work in America awards), and recently, as the Vice President of HR & Medical Services for Merrill Steel in Schofield, WI. He is a proven transformational leader in areas of employer healthcare, lean manufacturing, and work culture.

Matt first became known in Wisconsin for his work at Merrill Steel as the VP of HR, in which he led the company on a five-year healthcare improvement journey to implement a number of healthcare services at no cost to employees and their families, such as onsite clinics, a mobile clinic (converted ambulance), physical therapy, chiropractic, MRI, bundled orthopedic surgeries, and a world-class wellness program.

Outcomes included frozen premiums for 6 consecutive years, $5.5M in total cost savings (employees and their families saved $1.7M), reduced pharmacy costs, and reduced STD/LTD/Life costs. Additionally, these efforts had very favorable effects on recruiting and retention.

In 2018 Matt founded the Healthcare Best Practice Group and in 2022, he began holding events across the state to promote a healthcare movement in Wisconsin.  Today, there are about 1,000 employers and 3200 free-market-minded individuals who participate.

For his success in providing healthcare solutions for employers:

  • Matt was chosen as the HR Professional of the Year in 2019 by the Central Wisconsin Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM);
  • In 2020, Matt received the Healthcare Transformation Award for Wisconsin;
  • Also, in 2020, Matt was given the National Employer/Purchaser Healthcare Award, an award previously won by Disney, Boeing, and Walmart.
  • In 2022, Matt was selected by the Free Market Medical Association to receive the “Be the Beacon” Award.

Matt wrote a book called: “Save Your Company, Don’t Feed the Beast – The Employer Healthcare Success Formula.”  Based on his research of the 6 mature employer healthcare success stories in which employers saved millions of dollars, while greatly improving their health plan, Matt developed a practical and understandable guide for all employers to transform their health plans.

Matt and his wife Denise live in Mosinee, Wisconsin, and serve as Champion Foster Parents for Marathon County.  They currently have 5 children, ranging from 25 to 5, and are actively adopting children out of the social services system.  In 2018, they founded NOAH; a nonprofit foster closet that freely collects, stores, and gives supplies, equipment, toys, and clothing to foster parents in Wisconsin.

  • In 2020, Matt and Denise were selected to receive the Governor’s Foster Parents of the Year award.

Matt’s education includes an AS degree from Highland Community College, a BS degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University, a MA degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa and he has completed half of the course credits toward a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.  Additionally, Matt holds a Healthcare Certification from the Validation Institute, a Lean Manufacturing Certification from the University of Michigan, a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, a Martial Arts Black Belt certification, and he is a graduate of Zappos Culture Camp.