Episode # 226 – Korb Matosich is CEO of Asserta Health Which is Leading the Way in Cash Pay Healthcare and Eliminating the Need for Bill/Code/Collect and Pray.

In this episode of Primary Care Cures, Ron is joined by Korb Matosich, Founder & CEO of Asserta Health. Together, they delve into the innovative strategies Asserta Health is employing to revolutionize the healthcare payment system. Korb shares insights on how his company aims to simplify payments, enhance transparency, and reduce costs for patients and providers alike. Tune in to hear about the future of healthcare finance and how Asserta Health is leading the charge towards more efficient and patient-centered solutions.

Korb Matosich – Co-Founder and CEO of Asserta Health. Korb has an unusual depth of experience managing all sides of health care payment.  He oversaw both Revenue Cycle Management and Payment Integrity businesses at Ingenix, now known as Optum, at UnitedHealth Group.  He also served as the CEO of AAPC, an organization that certifies medical billers and coders. He has a BS in Accounting from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Stanford University.