Episode # 221 – Ali Hashemi, Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health in Dubai, Has Published Impressive Outcomes Reversing Metabolic Disease Like T2D in 5 Nearby Countries with the Worst Problem Globally.

This episode features Ali Hashemi, the Co-Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health. Here he does a deep dive into his two companies. meta[bolic] is a hybrid digital therapeutics company that tackles the global metabolic health crisis head-on from a first-principles basis and synthesizes the human and machine in the pursuit of enduring behavior change and lasting outcomes. GluCare is a tech-enabled comprehensive diabetes care platform, incorporating the latest innovations in wearables and IoT devices, ML, and AI to enable its clinicians to be compassionate humans. Ali also dives into how diabetes is a disease of habit and lifestyle and how his platform empowers caregivers to be data-driven coaches in changing human behavior. He also shares the amazing results patients are seeing while using these platforms.

Ali Hashemi is the Co-Founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health and an investor in early-stage ventures at the intersection of health and techno- logy, with a particular focus on the application of deep learning and complex algorithms to solve challenging problems in healthcare. Ali was previ- ously the founder of Amana Healthcare, the benchmark and fastest growing continum-of-care hospital platform in the Middle East, acquired by Mubadala Healthcare in 2018 in what was among the largest deals in regional healthcare M&A. Ali previously founded and led the Middle East Healthcare Practice at Booz & Company, based out of Dubai.

Prior to joining Booz&Co, Ali was a member of the Healthcare Practice and the Private Equity Practice at Bain & Company, based in New York City. Ali studied Medicine and received his MBA concurrently from McGill University. He received a B.S.E. with Distinction from Duke University with a dual major in BioMedical Engineering and Religion and a minor in Chemistry.

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