Episode # 219 – Sandeep Palakodeti MD Started Mishe.co and the Rebel Health Alliance to Eliminate Big Middle Profiteers with Specialists, Surgeons and the Consumer.

In this episode, Ron has a conversation about physician democratization with Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Mishe.co Health & the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rebel Health Alliance. Throughout their discussion, Dr. Palakodeti delves into his work with Rebel & Mishe, the goals & missions of the two organizations, how they differ from the typical primary care infrastructure, and much more!

Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti is a practicing internal medicine physician, experienced healthcare executive, and a passionate innovator looking to bring much needed change across our broken American healthcare system. Sandeep is a native of Ohio where he earned his MD and MPH with a focus on population health and physician leadership. He trained in internal medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, followed by a fellowship in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Palakodeti started his career as a hospital-based physician at the storied Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, but soon became disillusioned with our current “sick care” system which focuses so much energy at the end-state of disease, when someone is already suffering significant complications from chronic issues. He then spent the next part of his career as a physician and leader in various value-based organizations. He served as Chief Clinical Design Officer at CareMore Health, a premier risk-bearing organization serving a diverse Medicare and Medicaid population. He also served as Chief Population Health Officer at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH, one of the largest health-systems in the country, where he oversaw the Accountable Care Organization (which served over 600k patients) and the self-insured employee plan which covered over 35k commercial beneficiaries.

As an entrepreneur and advocate of startup disruption in healthcare, Sandeep is drawn to the possibilities of reimagining our system through new company formation, and currently serves in two prominent leadership roles, as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Mishe.co, the first fully-integrated specialty savings plan, and as Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rebel Health Alliance, a national specialty cloud clinic focused on longevity, wellness, optimization, and metabolic health.

Dr. Palakodeti is a staunch supporter of patients over profits and the need for more courage and creativity in the healthcare space. He currently resides back in Ohio with his wonderful wife, Abigail, their two children, 3 dogs, 10 chickens, and a cat in an idyllic rural setting.

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