Episode #11 – A New DNA Test for Microbes May Make Current Tests Obsolete with Dr. Crystal Icenhour, CEO of Aperionomics

In this episode host Ron Barshop talks to Crystal Icenhour about how she and her company plan to disrupt healthcare.

Crystal R. Icenhour, PhD received her PhD in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine from the University of Cincinnati Medical School of Graduate Studies in 2002.  She conducted postdoctoral research in the Thoracic Diseases Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine from 2002-2005 and in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Duke University Medical Center from 2005-2006.  Dr. Icenhour has been involved in local and national postdoctoral associations including the Mayo Research Fellows Association Executive Committee (President), the Duke University Postdoctoral Association (chair of membership committee), and the National Postdoctoral Association (2008 Chair).  Dr. Icenhour has participated in numerous events aimed at supporting and mentoring women in STEM. She has been recognized by Kauffman Foundation and Center for Innovative Technology as an outstanding entrepreneur. Dr. Icenhour was President & Chief Science Officer for Phthisis Diagnostics, a biotechnology company located in Charlottesville, Virginia from 2007-2013.  In 2014 Dr. Icenhour was recruited as CEO of Aperiomics in Ashburn, Virginia.  Aperiomics’ focus is to harness the power of next-generation sequencing to improve world health.

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