Episode # 128 – Dr. Paula Muto Established UBERDOC as a Nationwide Platform for Consumers and Employers to Pay Experienced Docs Directly at Fair Rates. 4,000 Doctors Agree. And So Do Many Employers.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Paula Muto, Co-Founder & CEO of UBERDOC. Here she discusses the UBERDOC platform and how the organization’s mission is based on the philosophy of patient choice. She firmly believes in putting control of healthcare back into the hands of the patient. UBERDOC offers patients a wide variety of doctors and there are no referral or network restrictions. Patients then pay online a transparent and affordable price for the healthcare services they receive. Paula also shares what inspired her to start UBERDOCS.


Paula M. Muto, MD FACS, is a practicing vascular and general surgeon in solo practice and the owner of the Vein Center at Mutosurgical. She is a member of a family of physicians and surgeons who have collectively practiced medicine in Massachusetts for over 50 years. She is an outspoken advocate for patient care and is passionate about women’s health issues.

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