Episode # 175 – The Jefferson Network Allows DFW and North Texas Employers a Significant Direct Primary Care Offering. Grady Gibbs is Growing It. He Has Interesting Takes on ACOs as Dinosaurs, Bigs as Self-Referrers, Not Consumer Centric, and More.

In this episode, Ron has chats with Grady Gibbs, Product Manager & Strategic Relationship Development at Evolve Medical Consulting, a consulting company that assists healthcare companies engage more doctors and helps doctors sell more products and procedures. Here, they dive into the reason why Grady loves the direct primary care model. He also discusses why he feels that ACOs are “dead”, what the Consolidated Appropriations Act is going to do to brokers that have to disclose all the millions they have been sweeping under the rug for themselves, and much more.

Grady Gibbs helps healthcare companies engage more doctors and he helps doctors sell more products and procedures. After a career in investment banking and finance, and a return to graduate school, Grady became an expert in applying statistics and research to consult on brand strategy for some of the largest marketers in the United States.

After launching a direct-to-consumer ad campaign for a drug company, he realized doctors needed more help than drug companies and began what is now an almost 20 year career serving doctors and helping them achieve the triple aim: good for the patient, good for the system, good for the doctor.