Episode # 212 – Linda Komisak Launched Care Limited Because Nurses are the Ultimate Quality Metric of a Hospital and its Services. Ultimate Transparency.

Ever wish there was a sort of Kelly Blue Book for hospitals? Here, Ron has a chat with Linda Komisak, the COO and Co-Founder of CareLuminate Inc – ‘a safe place for nurses to report on the quality and safety of care in their organizations’. Throughout their conversation, they discuss why she feels interviewing nurses for feedback about their facility is a more relevant quality metric than Leapfrog or CMS star ratings, where she sees CareLiminate growing in the next few years, and much more!

Linda Komisak co-founded CareLuminate with Taylor Davis in late Spring 2023, bringing with her an impressive portfolio of delighted healthcare clients. She has an impeccable reputation for creating great experiences for healthcare systems, partners and ultimately, patients.

As an RN herself, she knows that every nurse has an important story to tell. Linda leads CareLuminate operations and creatively drives meaningful new insights into the way both hospitals and healthcare workers perceive quality in their work environments.

Linda has worked for some of the big name EHR vendors, several small privately held digital health/revenue cycle companies, and has run her own successful consultancy, most recently helping large healthcare systems find, onboard, and retain temporary/contract staff.

She lives in Frisco TX and in her free time enjoys volunteering, reading, Pilates, walks with her husband, cooking meals with five or fewer ingredients (spices don’t count), the Oxford comma, and traveling.