Episode # 216 – We Finally Get One Medical on the Show. With Nathan Houghton We Learn NPS, Renewal Rates, Pricing, ROI for Employers, Engagement, Physician Retention All Before the Amazon Purchase.

In this episode, Ron is joined by Nathan Houghton, Manager of DPC Solutions at One Medical & the Business Development Analyst for PeakMed LifeCenters. Here, they discuss direct primary care at One Medical, Nathan’s work with PeakMed – a membership-based medical practice with a flat monthly membership for unlimited access to health services, how they are retaining providers & consumers, specific statistics including ROI, and more.

Nathan Houghton has a background in accounting and finance. He has a passion in driving change in the healthcare industry through better access and lower plan costs.

He works with large employers to develop a strategy of incorporating Direct Primary Care into employee benefit offerings.