Episode #22 – How Rethinking the Healthcare Spend Slashed Premiums and Worker’s Compensation Nearly in Half with Cole Johnson, CEO of Paul Johnson Drywall

In this episode Ron talks to the President and CEO of Paul Johnson Drywall, Inc., Cole Johnson. Here they discuss how the use of Redirect Health helped Paul Johnson Drywall recruit and retain top talent. Paul Johnson Drywall, Inc. is a 50-year-old specialty trade contractor. Although Paul Johnson Drywall previously offered health insurance – an anomaly in the construction industry – participation was low. The majority of the workforce viewed the previous health insurance plans as unnecessary, confusing and outrageously expensive. The labor force sought out quick-fix healthcare solutions, such as visiting hospital emergency departments for non-emergency injuries or illnesses. Since implementing Redirect Health, employee retention and satisfaction increased, as did company profits.

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