Episode #28 – Blazing the Path for Direct Primary Care as an Employee Benefit with Dr. Clint Flanagan, CEO of Nextera Health

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Clint Flanagan. Clint is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has over 14 years experience as an ER physician and maintains certificates in Advanced Cardiac and Advanced Trauma Life Support. He completed medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center then went on to residency at St Mary’s Family Medicine Program in Grand Junction, Colorado. He’s a diplomate of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Flanagan is the founder of Nextera Healthcare, the first Direct Primary Care company in Colorado and has been a local Primary Care physician and Emergency Medicine physician for over a decade.

Dr. Flanagan is a recognized leader in healthcare and was named a “Top 20 Who’s Who in Direct Primary Care in the US” and was invited to the White House to discuss the future of healthcare. He is a founding member and is currently serving on the steering committee of the Direct Primary Care Coalition in Washington DC. Dr. Flanagan was also instrumental in helping pass the Direct Primary Health Care Services Law in Colorado and the Direct Primary Care Agreement Act in Nebraska through his testimony and participation.

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