Episode #29 – Patient Assistance Programs – Unlocking Deep Med Discounts with Mike Bechtol, Director of Membership for Redirect Health

In this episode Ron chats with Mike Bechtol. Mike is the Director of Membership for Redirect Health. He drives initiatives to educate employers and individuals nationwide about Redirect Health’s simple and affordable way of doing healthcare. He also innovates new processes and program benefits to bring more value to members, ensuring they have a positive healthcare experience and that all needs are met.

Mike deeply understands the relationship between care and cost, especially the fact that quality care can and should be affordable. This belief is what drives him to motivate his team of enrollment specialists to ensure the needs of business owners and their people are put first – and not the other way around. Since joining Redirect Health in 2015, Mike has helped the team put members at the epicenter of operations, thereby allowing greater efficiency, streamlining and affordability. His efforts have helped the company expand membership nationwide.

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