Episode #32 – AI Supporting Accurate Cardio Predictions for $2 with David Chung, USA Head of Carewell Lepu

In this episode on chats with David Chung. David is the USA Head of Carewell Lepu. A patient turned AI technologist. Not a doctor or scientist. Just an average American citizen with an above average appetite on fixing the healthcare system. As a Penn State engineering major, David has a keen sense of science, technology and logic. Call him a mixed bag, an engineer that worked in the industrial, service, IT, legal and healthcare industry. A global citizen knowledge sponge. He hungers for the latest news and science articles from all over the world. At the age of 3, he received a blood transfusion procedure that saved his life. With a sister that suffers from congenital heart disease and mild arrhythmia event in the past himself. David is passionate on learning the possibility of AI to eradicate heart diseases, with aspiration to collaborate innovators from all over the globe, together solving healthcare problems for all corners of the world.

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