Episode # 59 – Meet Dr. Brian Forrest, The Original Direct Primary Care Doc Who for 20 Years Has Trained Hundreds in 34 States and Offers his Best DPC Practices

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Brian Forrest. Here they discuss the effect coronavirus is having on the healthcare and primary care community. They also discuss what makes Direct Primary Care so special and popular among primary care docs, calue based care, and much more.

Dr. Forrest is the CEO and Founder of the Access Healthcare Direct DPC network. In 2001, he founded Access Healthcare, the first DPC family medicine practice in the country. He is one of the founders of the DPC Summit and has mentored physicians in 34 states to transition to DPC. He has taught “New Models of Care” for the UNC School of Medicine and “Disruptive Innovation in Health Care” for the NCSU MBA program. He has made numerous TV and radio appearances and was named a “ChangeMaker in Medicine” by Medical Economics in 2018. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Weekly Standard, Health Affairs, Physician’s Practice, and Kiplinger’s. He was the Founder and first Chair of the AAFP DPC Interest Group. He has helped shape policy on DPC and the DPC Toolkit and Workshops for the AAFP. He served as NCAFP President in 2012.

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