Episode # 78 – John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple & President of Pepsi is now Chairman of the Board and CMO of RxAdvance, a Tech Driven PBM that Outlines who Wins as Technology Replaces and Restores our Creaky and Broken Sickcare System

In this episode, Ron chats with John Sculley, Chairman and CMO of RxAdvance. John is also the former CEO of Apple and President of Pepsi. Here, they do a deep dive into the world of PBMs and what makes RxAdvance special. RxAdvance is the first cloud-based Pharmacy Benefit Management platform. Pharmaceuticals and their related therapies and specialty drugs account for $750 billion of expense a year. It’s the single largest cost of the US healthcare system. RxAdvance’s machine learning, disruptive innovation will be one of the most important better ways to give chronic care patients a higher quality of care in their own homes at significantly lower costs; while reducing the rate of readmission back into the hospital. John also shares some insights he gained from working alongside Steve Jobs back in his time at Apple.

John Sculley is an entrepreneur and the former CEO of Pepsi-Cola and Apple. He is an expert in disruptive marketing strategies. An active investor and mentor, he is also the author of Moonshot! Game Changing Strategies to Build a Billion Dollar Business.

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