Episode # 97 – Dr. Mike Magee Rose to Senior Ranks at Pfizer, a Hospital System, and as a Surgeon. Now, as a Medical Historian and Podcaster, He Has a Broad Overview of National and State Solves That Work to Cure Primary Care and Healthcare Overall.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Mike Magee, author of CODE BLUE: Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex. Here Mike discusses the medical industrial complex and how it has evolved in America since WWII. He states that scientific progress was not synonymous with human progress and nothing could be farther than the truth. The reality is that you cannot provide health simply by conquering one disease or another. You can only provide health by having a full and complete life and pursuing not only healing and not only health but staying whole within your families and within the community. Mike says that a great healthcare system is more important than a singular cure. He also dives into why almost every other developed nation beats the United States in terms of quality measures, even though healthcare here is significantly more expensive. He also talks about moving away from fee for service, his thoughts on single payer, how COVID-19 has impacted healthcare in the US, and more.

Mike Magee MD is the author of CODE BLUE: Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex which received a Kirkus Star review. He is a medical historian and journalist at the President’s College at the University of Hartford. He has held similar roles in a range of academic institutions. He was a Honorary Master Scholar at NYU School of Medicine, and a Distinquished Alumnus award recipient from the University of North Carolina. Beginning as a country doctor in western New England, he rose to the highest levels of his profession holding senior executive positions at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, and as head of global medical affairs for Pfizer. He is editor of the blog HealthCommentary.org.

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