Episode # 108 – Dr. Arup Roy-Burman is a Pediatric Physician and an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. Arup is the Founder and CEO of Elemeno Health, a Mobile Platform that Helps Healthcare Organizations Engage Frontline Staff to Deliver Consistent Best Practices, and to Bring Quality, Safety, and Efficiency to the Point of Care.

This episode features Arup Roy-Burman, Co-Founder & CEO of Elemeno Health. Here, he discusses his journey and what lead him to focus on quality, safety, and consistency in healthcare. He dives into how his platform acts as on demand, training and communication for the point of care. They convert content into what they call micro learning, bite sized nuggets. That may be video, it could be a series of pictures. It could be an interactive decision guide, or little bite-sized text. Information that can be consumed the moment it is needed. He also talks about the future of the company and how he sees impacting the future of healthcare.

Dr. Arup Roy-Burman is Co-Founder & CEO of Elemeno Health, a mobile-friendly on-demand training and communication platform that helps frontline healthcare teams deliver consistent best practices, improving quality, safety, and outcomes. Prior to founding Elemeno Health, Dr. Roy-Burman was Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit and Director of Transport, Access and Outreach for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. He is a long-term leader in efforts to improve outcomes in the inpatient setting, with focus on interprofessional workforce engagement and standardization of best practices.

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