Episode # 135 – Leon Wisniewski of Health Cost Labs Had Published Data this Summer from 2,400 Hospitals Complying with Transparency Mandates. He Came from the Inner Bowels of a Blue and Knows how to Shed and Clean up the Gaming and Intentional Confusion in Published Rates. He Gets how Bigs Play Ball and Has a Lot to Say.

In this episode Ron chats with Leon Wisniewski Co-Founder and CIO at Health Cost Labs. Here he discusses the work Health Cost Labs is doing to empower the stakeholders of healthcare (doctors, hospitals, and patients) to discover the true cost of care so that they can be the custodians of their own future. Leon is a champion of capitalism and the competition that creates efficiencies, supply chain management, and opportunities for new businesses to enter the marketplace to provide lower cost alternatives. He also does a deep dive into many of the games that the Bigs play to make even transparent prices confusing.

Leon Wisniewski Co-Founder and CIO at Health Cost Labs. With over 20 years of experience as an actuary, health care cost modeler, and a forensic auditor, Leon strives to find ways to lead lower cost outcomes. Health cost has become a barrier to health care. He wants to find and create ways to get people the care they need at the most affordable price.

Leon is interested in connecting with healthcare professionals and individuals committed to advancing innovation and value.

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