Episode # 142 – How to Move Physicians From Volume to Value Centric Care? Ask Dr. Bill Wulf, Who Chairs America’s Physician Group Representing 190,000 Docs and 45 Million Patients and Agilent Health in Central Ohio.

Dr. Bill Wulf is the first physician Chief Executive Officer of COPC, assuming this position in 2013.  Prior to this role, he served as the Corporate Medical Director of COPC for seven years. Bringing over 30 years of leadership in Primary Care delivery he was a leader among the founding physicians that helped establish COPC, Inc. in 1996. COPC, as an independent physician owned organization, has grown to over 430 physicians in 80 locations in central Ohio.

Dr. Wulf is a member of the COPC board of directors and serves on the board of agilon health. He is also on the board of directors and is the chair-elect of America’s Physician Group (APG).

As a board certified internist, he received his Doctor of Medicine from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. Dr. Wulf previously operated a private practice in Columbus.

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