Episode # 146 – Employers Save 30-60% Using Texas Medical Management for Surgery and More. The Surgeon Makes 2 to 4x the Norm. The Consumer Gets the Finest Docs and Quickly. Who Wins? Everyone! Meet Sean Kelley, it’s Founder & Managing Partner.

This episode features Sean Kelley, Founder & Managing Partner at Texas Medical Management, a Free Market Medicine solution for surgical procedures that offers competitive, transparent prices on surgical procedures across a broad range of specialties. Here he discusses being diagnosed with cancer as a child, his career journey, and the importance of pricing transparency. He also does a deep dive into how they can be competitive while still being profitable and having the best providers.

Sean Kelley is the Founder & Managing Partner at Texas Medical Management. His passion is revolutionizing healthcare. Currently, he is developing new business models and the enabling technologies needed to advance the transition from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare. He is focused on building the foundational elements for future marketplace for healthcare delivery products. TexasFreeMarketSurgery.com (TFMS) opened in July 2016 and offers bundled prices for outpatient procedures. TFMS is inspired by Dr. Keith Smith and his partners at Surgery Center of Oklahoma who have blazed a trail for us and others to follow. They are building an innovative new delivery system and signing up high-quality surgeons as fast as they can. They are working with innovative self-funded employers and their brokers to improve surgical outcomes and lower costs 50-60% from their PPO network pricing.

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