Episode #151 – CrowdHealth is GoFundMe Meets Uber 2 Way Ratings for Healthcare – A Next Gen Way to Pay. Meet Andy Schoonover – It’s Visionary Founder.

In this episode Ron chats with Andy Schoonover, Founder & CEO of CrowdHealth. Here, he discusses what inspired him to start CrowdHealth, a new way to pay for healthcare with no premiums, no copays, no deductibles. Just one monthly total to get you access to everything they offer their community. The community is paid for by month contributions to the community that are then used to fund the community’s healthcare bills. He also does a deep dive into how CrowdHealth works, the importance of it being straightforward and easy for the patient to use, and more.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Andy started his career at Host Marriott Corporation (now Host Hotels & Resorts, NYSE: HST) in the Acquisition and Development group and completed transactions valued at approximately $1.5 billion. He then moved to Silicon Valley to attend Stanford Business School where he got that entrepreneurial itch. As his friends headed off to Google, Facebook, and other high flying tech companies after graduation, Andy and Chris Hendriksen, his business school roommate purchased Valued Relationships, Inc (VRI) , a remote patient monitoring company in Dayton, Ohio. Andy became CEO and served in that role for five years. After a fourfold growth in revenues, the majority of VRI was sold to Pamlico Capital in 2014. VRI investors received a gross return of approximately 9x their investment. In 2o21 Andy founded CrowdHealth, a community powered alternative to insurance on a mission alleviate the burdens associated with huge healthcare costs. Today Andy lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Stephanie where they are devoted parents to their daughter Grace’s legacy, younger daughters Ava and Caroline, and their pup, Butler.

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