Episode #152 – John Canion Was a NP Instructor and With Great Passion and Insight into the Gaps in Nurse Training That No One is Openly Talking About but Should be. Chock Full of Insights, This Show.

In this episode Ron chats with John Canion, a NP practicing Emergency Medicine in Texas. Here, John discusses the current state of Nurse Practitioners in the US, how the growth in the field has not had enough quality control, and the disconnect between the academic community & clinical practice. He also dives into the gaps of training and in wide variety of other topics impacting nurse practitioners and primary care.

John Canion graduated from Nurse Practitioner school at Abilene Christian University in 2005. He is certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner.  I have worked in fields that include Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Hospitalist Medicine, Urgent Care, Associate Professor for Family Practice Nurse Practitioners, and Critical Access Medicine. He has worked closely with national organizations on NP education and just finished a yearlong assignment with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners on their education committee. He gives lectures on many topics related to NP practice including business, contracts, scope of practice, and clinical information.  Over the last year he has been staffing covid relief. He is currently practicing Emergency Medicine in San Angelo, Texas.

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