Episode #158 – Meet Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Author of The Clot Thickens -a Master Class Solving the Greatest Scientific Mystery of our Time. He Demolishes Statins and the Cholesterol Hypothesis it’s Based on Replacing it with Overwhelming and Pure Data and a Logical Alternative.


In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Author of the new book “The Clot Thickens”. Here, he does a deep dive into his book and explores the truth about cholesterol and if it is the true culprit causing most of the heart disease seen in the world. They also discuss a wide variety of other issues around heart disease.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is a primary care physician living in the UK, just south of Manchester. He graduated in Aberdeen, Scotland, in the dim and distant past. He has had long interest in cardiovascular disease, and what causes it, mainly triggered by the fact that when he was at medical school, Scotland had the highest rate of cardiovascular disease in the world – and the explanation given just did not add up. He has a blog drmacolmkenrick.org and he has written “The Great Cholesterol Con”, “Doctoring Data”, “A Statin Nation”, and his most recent book is “The Clot Thickens”. This, he claims, is the last book he will write about heart disease. Thirty-five years of research later. He hopes that the cholesterol hypothesis will be toppled in his lifetime.

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