Episode #168 – Sean Mehra is Founder & CEO at HealthTap, a Nationwide Virtual Primary Care Clinic with a Focus on the Consumer Experience.

This episode features Sean K Mehra, Founder & CEO at HealthTap. Here they discuss HealthTap and their focus on being a virtual primary care platform that gives patients long term relationships with their doctor so that the doctor can focus on the holistic and ongoing care of each patient.

Sean is currently Founder & Chief Executive Officer at HealthTap, a nationwide virtual primary care clinic enabled by a leading consumer technology experience to provide a personal relationship to an affordable, long-term primary care doctor equitably nationwide to all Americans, with or without good insurance. Over the decade, Sean served various leadership roles at the organization, including COO and CPO, responsible for building the technology, team, and clinical operation which allow the company to deliver trusted doctor care and knowledge scalably and cost-efficiently.