Episode # 178 – Mike Bechtol with Redirect Health is a National Expert in Patient Assistance Programs – A Secret Way to Pay for Much of Your Care – Your Employee’s Too – and Half of Us Qualify? True! Round 2.

In this episode Michael Bechtol, Vice President of Membership at Redirect Health, returns to the show. Redirect Health provides employers & individuals with affordable healthcare plans. Here, Michael shares the ways they can provide simple to use & affordable access to healthcare. He also answers the questions of who is eligible, how the consumers win, how they can bring down costs & provide better outcomes for patients, and more.

Michael Bechtol has served as Vice President of Membership and Enrollment since January 2015. He drives nationwide initiatives to educate employers and individuals about Redirect Health’s healthcare solutions. Since joining the company, Mr. Bechtol has made operations member-centric, allowing for greater efficiency, streamlining and affordability. His efforts have helped the company expand membership nationwide. Mr. Bechtol innovates new processes and program benefits to bring more value to members, ensuring they have a positive healthcare experience and that all needs are met. Prior to joining Redirect Health, he served as Tournament Director at Vanguard Golf Management.