Episode # 179 – Mike Botta of Sesame Introduces Healthcare Shopping into an Expedia-Like Marketplace. Fair Pricing Meets Care Slots Open and Available. Consumer Navigation Made Easy to Find Independent Docs, Imaging, and More.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Michael Botta, Co-founder and President at Sesame, a healthcare marketplace that works with patients that are uninsured or priced out of care by connecting them with high quality physicians at the best price. In this conversation, he discusses their target consumer, how they can connect patients with the right physicians offering the best prices, how they are improving outcomes, and more.

Everything Michael has done in his career has led to the Sesame moment, where his role is to oversee all sales, partnerships, and clinician relationships.

Michael spent five years at McKinsey & Co, leading multi-million-dollar projects to find solutions to healthcare’s biggest problems: pricing; quality measurement; catalyzing competition in the US and abroad to drive better results. Michael received his PhD in Health Economics and Policy from Harvard and has advised The White House Office of Management and Budget, Brookings Institution, and the State of Massachusetts on health reform legislation and implementation.