Episode # 190 – Dr Kenneth Qiu is Spotting the DPC Trends with a Keen Eye. Here is a Good Listen.

In this episode, Ron talks DPCs with Dr. Kenneth Qiu, Founder of EuDoc, & Associate Clinical Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Here, Kenneth discusses what he sees the outlook for DPCs in the next year, what it is like to be a DPC practitioner himself, his work educating med students on DPCs, and much more.

Kenneth Qiu, MD is a board certified family physician with a strong passion for direct primary care and interest in primary care innovation. He has been an active member of the DPC community since he learned about the model during his fourth year of medical school and started his own DPC practice, EuDoc, straight out of residency. His involvement has led him to be a member of the DPC Alliance Board and DPC Coalition Steering Committee. His interest in primary care innovation has led to the creation of X = Primary Care, or XPC for short, where he and his friend and co-founder Paulius Mui, MD dive into all sorts of primary care innovation. Dr. Qiu currently also advises health tech companies and teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where he completed medical school.