Episode #43 – This Doc Shows How Millions of Tweets Can be a Thing for You Too with Dr. Dana Corriel, Founder of SoMeDocs

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Dana Corriel. Dana is the Founder of SoMeDocs. Here she discusses the power of social media in medicine, her role as a social media influencer in healthcare. She also talks about the positives and negatives of social media, but that overall a positive tool for good. Dana believes that medicine lags behind other industries when it comes to social media, but that it may be part of the solution to fixing what is wrong with medicine and specifically primary care.

Dr. Dana Corriel is a board certified internist and creative entrepreneur, who is working to empower physicians on effective use of social media tools, with her company, SoMeDocs (Doctors on Social Media). She has been active online, as a professional, for close to a decade, earning the title of Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter in 2018 by Medical Economics. Dr. Corriel appears regularly in major publications, with most recent mentions on front covers of LA Times and Gastro & Endo News, as well as within the Boston Globe, Huff Post, and EP News. She has served as guest faculty at conferences put together by Harvard and Rush Universities, and also has speaking appearances planned at several academic societies, where she will teach professionals how to innovate by thinking outside the box, especially using online tools, and the benefits of creative thinking in any field, esp in a traditionally conservative one like medicine.

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