Episode #44 – Benefits Advisors are Not All Alike – Gunning for Employer Savings, Meet Michael Menerey, Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with Alliant Insurance Services

In this episode Ron chats with Michael Menerey. Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with Alliant Insurance Services and a partner in their Employee Benefits Practice. Here they do a deep dive into the problems with the business of healthcare and on the ground solutions that are actively working to fix them. They touch on a wide variety of topics such as paying primary care docs more, bringing the cost of care down, legacy organizations that may not have the patients best interest in mind, and more. This episode is a must listen between two excellent podcast hosts who regular talk to the brightest and most innovative the industry has to offer.

Michael works with a variety of clients from different industries and ranging from a few hundred employees to over 20,000 employees. Michael has a passion for helping businesses find alternatives to the usual health insurance strategies that simply result in higher costs for employers and their employees. He works to educate employers on the misaligned and perverse incentives that exist in healthcare delivery and payment system that naturally drive insurance costs higher. Michael and his team help employers to restructure their health plan to yield lower costs and improved benefits for their employees.

Michael is also the host of a podcast series, Reconstructing Healthcare, that explores what is wrong with the current health care system in the US, examines what drives higher healthcare costs and exposes deficiencies in traditional insurance products. Michael interviews companies that are providing innovative services and solutions designed to not only disrupt the health insurance marketplace but deliver lower costs and better value for employers and their employees. The Podcast is available on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher and most podcast apps.

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