Episode #52 – Simple Q: Who offers the best healthcare at the fairest cost? Bill Hennesy answers that 30,000 times a day. Learn here how Pratter Reports are ultimate transparency.

In this episode Ron chats with Bill Hennessey. Here they do a deep dive into healthcare price transparency. Healthcare consumers are upset that every year health insurance costs are increasing at an exponential rate, while they get bills in the mail they cannot understand. Consumers feel that their hands are tied! The Pratter Report aims to change that as the ultimate tool in healthcare transparency.

Bill Hennessey, MD, is the CEO and Founder of Pratter, a medical cost savings and transparency company.  Dr. Hennessey is both an MD and a serial entrepreneur, a practicing physician for 25 years, founder of a medical billing company and the son of a C suite hospital executive. He is now the CEO and Founder of Pratter, a medical cost transparency and savings company. His passion is to fight for everyone to have affordable access to medical care.  Dr. Hennessey has been front line in the trenches to bring this one-of-a-kind reality.

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