Episode # 74 – Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge Get Real and Right Down to the Metrics that Make Rosencare a National Model that Changes Everything.

In this episode Ron welcomes back Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge of Rosencare. Here, they do a deep dive into what makes the Rosencare model special. They discuss how their healthcare model gives them a financial, recruiting, and retention advantage over their competitors. They offer a whole health model for their employees that includes primary care, mental health, wellness classes that focus on fitness and eating right, and much more.

Since 1991, Rosen Hotels & Resorts has offered an innovative in-house healthcare program that has saved the company approximately $340 million (as of April 2018), affording the opportunity to provide associates incredibly low premiums and innovative programs. The plan features on-the-clock visits to primary care doctors and a variety of specialists at the onsite. company-owned and operated Rosen Medical Center, A Place for Healing and Wellness; minimal co-pays for office visits and prescriptions; and a focus on prevention and wellness/exercise programs. Although Rosen has never measured the soft cost savings such as increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved presenteeism, no doubt the savings are significant. These cost savings are truly astounding considering the diversity of the Rosen workforce and the large number of hourly associates who have emigrated from other countries, many who have never received regular healthcare, and some who have never seen a doctor. In January 2012, the Rosen Medical Center, A Place for Healing and Wellness, opened as a new, freestanding building at 7656 International Drive, near the Rosen Inn International hotel. The facility is approximately 12,000 square feet and took the place of the previous 3,500-square-foot medical center that was located within the hotel.

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