Episode # 80 – Jeanne Teshler, CEO of Wellsmith has “Run the Three Minute Mile” by Reversing Type 2 Diabetes 30% in Several Clinical Trials.

In this episode, Ron chats with Jeanne Teshler, CEO of Wellsmith. Here, they discuss how Wellsmith works as a digital health platform. The platform enables people to make smart decisions regarding their health. It also provides doctors with important data to give them insights into how to best treat their patients. Jeanne talks about the importance of getting doctors to be cheerleaders for a whole health model and the difficulties with this in a fee for service payment model. Jeanne encourages healthcare consumers to take control of their own health and her goal is to provide them with the tools to do so.

Jeanne has pioneered innovative solutions over the past 25 years to address complex challenges in consumer products, technology and healthcare industries, during times of rapid change and uncertainty. Jeanne’s latest venture, Wellsmith, is a consumer centric solution that leverages technologies to provide real-time power, insight and control to consumers and their care providers to continuously improve quality of care, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Jeanne is a highly sought-after speaker and panelist for consumer and medical conferences in the US and abroad.

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