Episode # 81 – Nora Belcher Founded the Largest e-Health Alliance in the Country and Speaks the Recent Truth and Lessons a Pandemic Teaches about Digital and Telehealth.

In this episode Nora Belcher, the Executive Director of the Texas e-Health Alliance, joins the show again. Here she does a deep dive into telehealth policy. Telehealth has changed significantly since her last time on the show. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused telehealth policy to change at a very rapid rate. It has also cause telehealth usage to skyrocket across Texas and the Nation. She also talks about the future of telehealth policy. She also looks at the future of telehealth as a whole and how it could be utilized in more of a whole health model or remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic care.

Nora is the Executive Director of the Texas e-Health Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group that she started in 2009 to give health information technology stakeholders a voice in public policy.  The Texas e-Health Alliance serves as the state’s leading advocate, from local communities to the national level, for the use of information technology to improve the health care system for patients. She is widely considered to be one of the state’s leading experts in telemedicine, having worked on the issue for over 20 years in a variety of roles.  During the most recent Texas legislative session, Ms. Belcher led the coalition that passed SB 1107, which was a significant step in opening up the Texas market for full use of telemedicine. Ms. Belcher holds a bachelor’s degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin and owns a hardcover first edition of Game of Thrones.

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