Episode # 82 – Which COVID-19 Test is the Best? Here is a Tour de Force. Meet Dr. Amy Altman, a Former DOD Consultant for Biodefense with a PhD and a Master’s in Microbiology, Now at Reliant Immune Diagnostics as its Chief Operating Officer. She has answers.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Amy Altman. Amy is the COO of Reliant Immune Diagnostics. Here, they dive into world of COVID-19 testing. They discuss the three different main types of testing along with the pros and cons of each, how testing has evolved throughout the pandemic, antibodies, and more. They also look at how the coronavirus is an RNA virus as opposed to a DNA virus, and what the difference is.

Dr. Altman joined Reliant Immune Diagnostics in April 2018 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer. She has over 20 years of experience in the medical device and life science industries with a demonstrated history of innovation and successful product launches. As COO, she is responsible for driving excellence and performance in research and development, product development and commercialization and business development to drive cutting-edge performance and revenue. Prior to joining Reliant, Dr. Altman spent 10 years at Luminex Corporation building and managing adjacent business for the company as Vice President, Biodefense and Protein Diagnostics, where she developed and commercialized FDA cleared diagnostic assays and biological detection assays for biodefense applications. Prior to Luminex, Dr. Altman was an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton providing science and technology consulting to clients in the US Department of Defense.  Dr. Altman received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Microbiology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Vanderbilt University in 2000.

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