Episode # 83 – Over 91 Million Americans Have a Rare Condition or Genetic Disorder that Lands Them in the Cracks and Crevices of Misdiagnosed Care. Today, They can Have a Graphic Timeline Thanks to Katie McCurdy of Pictal Health.

In this episode Ron chats with Katie McCurdy, the Founder of Pictal Health. Here she discusses her journey with her own autoimmune disease and how it inspired her to create Pictal Health. Her platform enables patients to share invisible symptoms, mental health issues, and other complex health problems with their families and providers. She also talks about success stories that patients have had using the platform.

Katie is a designer, autoimmune patient, and founder of Pictal Health. She created a new way for patients with complex health issues to tell their stories visually – so they feel heard and understood as they work with their doctors to get the right diagnosis and treatment. Prior to founding Pictal Health, Katie designed products and services for diverse healthcare companies and organizations. She lives, skis, hikes, and eats chocolate in Burlington, VT.

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Examples from Pictal Health: