Episode # 85 – Mark Henderson Leary is an EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) Ninja who can Help you Take your Practice Back with Tools, Scorecards, and Systems That Just Make Sense.

In this episode Ron chats with Mark Henderson Leary, an Entrepreneurial Operating System expert. Here they discuss how EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) works as a system of tools to help businesses run better and more efficiently. It focuses on areas such as: having all of the leadership at an organization on the same page, having a healthy and functioning team, creating a culture of honesty and accountability, and more. Mark explains the scorecards and key metrics he uses to track the teams and team members to ensure that they are achieving the desired results through the correct behavior. He also discusses how EOS works in the world of healthcare organizations.

Mark Henderson Leary is an expert business growth strategist, focusing on culture, mission, and process. He started, bought, and sold multiple businesses and now spends his time helping business owners avoid the mistakes he made and skip right to the successes.

Mark believes in three things as a leader:
– Building people up
– Leading by example
– The leader’s heart is a servant’s heart

Companies count on Mark to teach them how to:
– Create tangible and measurable growth strategy
– Ensure the people in the business are as effective as they can be in a unified and intentional culture
– Simplify complex business problems that can be easily understood and solved

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