Episode # 100 – There are So Many Gold Nuggets That Guests Have Shared with Our Host, Ron Barshop. So, He Will Distill Them Down in the Annual Ten Lies in Primary Care (and by Extension Healthcare) Show. Here is What You Can Expect in 2021….

These ten lies in healthcare are really the ten opportunities. Here is who and what is being fixed on the fringes in 2021 in Primary Care with Ron Barshop, Host of the Show.

Ten lies 2021:

  • Independent PCPs are soon dinosaurs. You gotta work for a big.
  • There are not enough PCPs.
  • Our health always declines or at best maintains – as individuals, and as a nation.
  • Costs of care only rise.
  • COVID almost singlehanded killed our hospitals.
  • There is no Superman or Wonder Woman to save us.
  • Docs are powerless to radically reverse bad habits.
  • Money solves most of healthcare’s ginourmous headaches.
  • Your insurance broker or advisor cares about you.
  • There are no easy fixes in healthcare.

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