Episode # 132 – Travis Christofferson is the Author of “Curable”. What Does Atorvastatin, Metformin, Ketamine, Restricted Eating Windows, Poop Milkshakes, Hand Washing, and Surgical Checklists Have in Common? They Have Massive Unexpected Benefits to Millions for Free or Pennies Per.

In this episode Ron chats with Travis Christofferson, Author of the book “Curable”. Here Travis discusses his book and some of the ideas in it. He looks at utilizing AI to find trends as a way to help determine best practices. He also talks about the importance of understanding complexity bias and shares the fascinating story of the poop milkshakes. Travis also provides a deep dive into his work on ketones.

Travis Christofferson received his undergraduate in molecular biology from Montana State University and a Masters Degree in Material Engineering and Science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He is the Author of Tripping Over the Truth, Curable, and Ketones, the Fourth Fuel and the co-founder of Care Oncology USA. Today, he is a full time science writer and founder of a cancer charity.

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