Episode # 141 – Lester Morales Knows How Direct Contracting Healthcare Saves 20-60% on Employer Spend and He Benefit Advises in All 50 States. Hear Why Forbes Featured Him Last Year and How He Does It.

This episode features Lester J. Morales, Founder & CEO of Next Impact. Here, Lester discusses his career journey and what inspired him to start Next Impact. He also discusses his frustration with the status quo, the kind of savings his clients are seeing, and more.

Lester J. Morales is a true consultant in the human capital and employee benefits arena and currently serves as CEO of Next Impact, LLC. Focused on innovation and changing the “status quo,” Next Impact is a full-service employee benefits and human resource marketing and consulting company, committed to helping other companies grow and add value to their clients.  Before he founded Next Impact, he cofounded Incela, a benefits administration company focused on helping advisors support their clients with ACA compliance.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lester served nearly three years as Executive Vice-President and Chief Growth Officer for Willis’ Human Capital Practice, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world.  In this role, Lester led over 200 producers/consultants in 40 + offices as part of a $350,000,000 practice- Willis’ single largest practice in North America.   During a previous eight-year stint at Willis, Lester was consistently among the top five consultants nationally. Between those assignments, Lester served as National Vice President of Sales for Healthstat, a leading provider of worksite clinics and disease management services.

Lester received a BS in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University. He is a highly sought-after speaker at industry conferences, on the subjects of on-site clinics, private exchanges, self-funding, wellness, pharmacy carve-outs, compliance, captives, and other cost-mitigation strategies.

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Episode # 140 – Bill Bestermann MD is an Internist Practicing Preventive Cardiology. Optimal Medical Therapy Protocols Were Blessed by the Validation Institute for Reversing Heart Disease and Savings Tens of Thousands Per Patient.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Bill Bestermann. Here, they discuss what Bill considers to be the best practices to provide healthcare. Bill believes if best practices are used and there is a heavier focus more on preventative care it would drastically drive down costs. Bill states that success is going to require a combination of new science, new systems, and a new payment model to involve all the stakeholders. He also discusses intermittent fasting, Metformin, and more.

William H. Bestermann Jr., MD is a board-certified internist who practiced preventive cardiology for 20 years. He has been heavily involved with health care reform and quality improvement during that same period. He wrote the first article on a systematic approach to the metabolic syndrome. He led an advanced cardiometabolic medical home that managed high risk diabetic and hypertensive patients for a Fortune 100 company in Tennessee. He was a Senior Clinical Advisor for the Quality Blue Primary Care program at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. That initiative saved $27 pmpm net at the 1 year mark while reducing hospitalizations, length of stay, and specialty referrals. He is currently the President and Chief Medical Officer at Epigenex Health Inc.

Dr. Bestermann’s core expertise is around a comprehensive solution for chronic cardiometabolic condition management that improves health and saves money. Most quality improvement and healthcare reform efforts do not achieve those goals because they are only partial solutions. Success requires a combination of new science, new systems, and new payment models combined with multiple stakeholder involvement.

Bill speaks on clinical quality improvement, lowering healthcare costs, healthy life extension, and important new developments in the molecular medical management of chronic disease. He has written articles for multiple medical journals and blogs.

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Episode # 139 – Frank Okoson is an Internal Medicine Doctor Who Attended a Well-Known Nigerian Medical School So He Understands the Journey of 1/3 of Our Physicians Who are Foreign Medical Graduates. 5,000 Annually Cannot Get a Residency Slot, So The Backlog is Tens of Thousands in an Era When 1/3 of PCPs are Retirement Age Within the Next 7 Years.

This episode features Dr. Frank Okosun JR, Medical Director and Attending Physician at Brazos Primary Care Associates. Here, he discusses his frustrations with how difficult is for foreign doctors to work in the US, especially while there is a shortage of primary care docs. He also talks about his Nigerian background, being a jack of all trades as a primary care provider, and his thoughts on physician burnout. Frank shares his philosophy around primary care and how to make it better for both patients and providers.

Dr Frank E Okosun Jr completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at Meharry Medical College Nashville Tennessee where he was also the Vice President of the House Staff Association. During his Internship he was selected by program faculty as the first year Resident of the year. After graduation from residency Dr. Okosun provided care and was Chief of Medical Staff at Sweeny Community Hospital.

Dr Okosun is licensed to practice in the states of Texas and Georgia and he is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

His hospital affiliations include CHI St Luke’s Health Brazosport, Lake Jackson, Texas.

Dr Okosun’s professional affiliations include American College of Physicians American Medical Association Texas Medical Association and Brazoria County Medical Society.

Dr Okosun has particular interests in Hypertension and Diabetes screening and management preventive health maintenance and Occupational Health assessments. He also volunteers at the Live Oak Clinic Lake Jackson TX providing care to the underserved population of Southern Brazoria County.

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Episode # 138 – John Collier, CEO of Proactive MD Teams Every DPC Doctor and Nurse with a Patient Advocate / Social Worker to Serve Social Determinants of Health and Primary Care for Employers and 100,000 Members in the Southeast, Midwest, and Soon Western US.

In this episode Ron chats with John Collier, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Proactive MD. Here, they discuss Proactive MD’s mission to innovate in the space of and elevate the standard of primary care while driving down healthcare costs for patients and employers. John talks about the importance of understanding the whole patients, learning anything that could be impacting their health, and developing true relationships with them. He shares the importance of engaging the patient population to truly become their medical home. He also touches on the organization’s growth, it’s goals for the future, and more.

John provides the overall vision and direction for Proactive MD, continuously finding new ways to serve their patients and employers through strategic planning, executive management, innovation, and strategic partnerships.

John’s professional experience leading direct to employer contracting for one of the largest hospital systems in the country gives him a deep understanding of the unique ecosystem of health systems, payors, and employers. John brings 15 years of in-depth knowledge of healthcare management and strategy to Proactive MD with his background in healthcare administration, payor contracting, provider network development and employer cost containment plan design. Before joining Proactive MD, John was the CEO of another South Carolina-based direct primary care provider. John is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of The Young Presidents Organization (YPO). He earned his MBA and MHA at Grand Canyon University.

A self-proclaimed “healthcare nerd,” John enjoys researching the industry and learning new ways to improve the system for the people who need it most. John lived in Mexico for a time and is fluent in Spanish. He is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan and loves Arizona Wildcat basketball. But most of all, he loves to spend time with his wife and three children.

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Episode # 137 – Gigi Foster is an Award-Winning Economist and Professor who Co-Authored an Important New Book “The Great Covid Panic: What Happened, Why, and What To Do Next.” She Explains Which Nations Got Lockdowns Right -Taiwan, Japan, South Korea — and Why They Have Death Rates 1/50th of the US and UK and With Small Fractions of The US Budget.

In this episode Ron chats with Gigi Foster about her new Book “The Great Covid Panic: What Happened, Why, and What To Do Next”. She does a deep dive to all restrictions and freedoms that were taken away in the name of sciences and how a new society emerged ruled by the medical elite. She discusses how it all started, whether the results of the restrictions were worth it and made a difference, her thoughts on the future, and more.

Gigi Foster is a Professor with the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales, having joined UNSW in 2009 after six years at the University of South Australia.  Formally educated at Yale University (BA in Ethics, Politics, and Economics) and the University of Maryland (PhD in Economics), she works in diverse fields including education, social influence, corruption, lab experiments, time use, behavioural economics, and Australian policy.  Her research contributions regularly inform public debates and appear in both specialised and cross-disciplinary outlets (e.g., Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Human Relations).  Her teaching, featuring strategic innovation and integration with research, was awarded a 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  Named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia, Professor Foster has filled numerous roles of service to the profession and engages heavily on economic matters with the Australian community as one of Australia’s leading economics communicators.  Her regular media appearances include co-hosting The Economists, a national economics talk-radio program and podcast series now in its fifth season, with Peter Martin AM on ABC Radio National.

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Episode # 136 – David Contorno is One of America’s Most Innovative Benefits Leaders Says Forbes. He Relentlessly Promotes Direct Contracting in Every Plan. Outcomes Rise and Costs Reliably Drop.

This episode features David Contorno, Founder and CEO of E Powered Benefits. In this episode he chats with Ron about the amazing work he is doing at his firm. They focus on offering employers, who are sick of not getting their desired results from other benefits firms, creative and transparent solutions that have real results. Their clients average first year savings of over 30% with reduced out-of-pocket exposure for their employees at the same time. David also discusses his thoughts on DPC and the future of American Healthcare

David Contorno is the CEO of E Powered Benefits, a benefit consulting firm. His mission is to deliver a different benefit experience for employers that is based on full transparency.

Mr. Contorno began his career when he was only fourteen years old, whilst living in New York. He decided to become a leading expert in employee benefits and dedicated 20+ years as a benefits broker/consultant. 

Giving back to the community is something that Mr. Contorno is committed too. He actively participates in the membership drive for the United Way, assisting the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and supporting the Dove House Child Advocacy Center. He is also a member of the board of directors for both the Charlotte Association of Health Underwriters and former board member Healthreach Community Clinic.

When he isn’t at work, family is one of his top priorities, he is the father of two children, Hannah and Ethan, and husband to wife Heather. He enjoys boating and traveling in his free time, as well as quality time with his family.

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Episode # 135 – Leon Wisniewski of Health Cost Labs Had Published Data this Summer from 2,400 Hospitals Complying with Transparency Mandates. He Came from the Inner Bowels of a Blue and Knows how to Shed and Clean up the Gaming and Intentional Confusion in Published Rates. He Gets how Bigs Play Ball and Has a Lot to Say.

In this episode Ron chats with Leon Wisniewski Co-Founder and CIO at Health Cost Labs. Here he discusses the work Health Cost Labs is doing to empower the stakeholders of healthcare (doctors, hospitals, and patients) to discover the true cost of care so that they can be the custodians of their own future. Leon is a champion of capitalism and the competition that creates efficiencies, supply chain management, and opportunities for new businesses to enter the marketplace to provide lower cost alternatives. He also does a deep dive into many of the games that the Bigs play to make even transparent prices confusing.

Leon Wisniewski Co-Founder and CIO at Health Cost Labs. With over 20 years of experience as an actuary, health care cost modeler, and a forensic auditor, Leon strives to find ways to lead lower cost outcomes. Health cost has become a barrier to health care. He wants to find and create ways to get people the care they need at the most affordable price.

Leon is interested in connecting with healthcare professionals and individuals committed to advancing innovation and value.

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Episode # 134 – Dr. Niran Al-Agba is a Third Generation Pediatrician Who Saw a 100% Pass Rates at Too Many of the 850 Nursing Schools and Asks – Is this Good for Medicine? She Discusses Her New Book “Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare”.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Niran Al-Agba, Pediatrician and author of “Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare”. Here, Niran discusses why it matters that Nurse Practitioners and physician assistance are more and more commonly becoming those responsible for primary care delivery. She dives into what is causing this phenomenon, how to raise awareness for patients wanting to receive the best care possible, ways to increase the number of primary care physicians in America, and more. She also dives into the importance of the patient doctor relationship, how foreign medical graduates could help in rural areas, and more.

Dr. Niran Al-Agba, is a pediatrician in private practice at Silverdale Pediatrics, PLLC in Silverdale, WA for the past 20 years.  She is a third-generation primary care physician following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather.  She is a mother to four children, an opinion columnist for the Kitsap Sun Newspaper, and recently authored a book on the corporate takeover of healthcare titled, Patients At Risk:  The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare.  Her written work has appeared in Fortune Magazine, MedPage Today, and the Seattle Times.

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Episode # 133 – Dr. Marion Mass Speaks Plainly and Loudly About Abuses in Healthcare that do not Advance the Sacred Doctor Patient Connection. She Teaches Us All How to be Stronger and Fight for What’s Right in this Show.

In this episode Ron welcomes Dr. Marion Mass back on the show to discuss what has changed in her work and the industry as a whole since her last appearance. Here, she does a deep dive into the Medicare Advantage carve out, transparent pricing, medical debt, and more. Marion also discusses what it is like to be an outspoken advocate while still working for a major system and gives advice to those who also want to become advocates.  In addition, Ron and Marion explore large organizations like the AMA and their impact on how healthcare is practiced.

Marion is a mother, a pediatrician, a community volunteer, a writer, and an advocate to insure a high-quality, sustainable healthcare system in America that will attract bright hardworking minds in the future.

The Practicing Physicians of America advocates for all patients by advocating for the profession of medicine. The social media reach of PPA is viral. They are a consortium of grassroots physician advocacy groups that believe that the key to good care starts with the relationship between a patient and their doctor. They advocate that physicians be able to practice medicine that is in the best interest of their patients and not for the benefit of the special interest groups that have taken over medicine.

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Episode # 132 – Travis Christofferson is the Author of “Curable”. What Does Atorvastatin, Metformin, Ketamine, Restricted Eating Windows, Poop Milkshakes, Hand Washing, and Surgical Checklists Have in Common? They Have Massive Unexpected Benefits to Millions for Free or Pennies Per.

In this episode Ron chats with Travis Christofferson, Author of the book “Curable”. Here Travis discusses his book and some of the ideas in it. He looks at utilizing AI to find trends as a way to help determine best practices. He also talks about the importance of understanding complexity bias and shares the fascinating story of the poop milkshakes. Travis also provides a deep dive into his work on ketones.

Travis Christofferson received his undergraduate in molecular biology from Montana State University and a Masters Degree in Material Engineering and Science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He is the Author of Tripping Over the Truth, Curable, and Ketones, the Fourth Fuel and the co-founder of Care Oncology USA. Today, he is a full time science writer and founder of a cancer charity.

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