Episode # 83 – Over 91 Million Americans Have a Rare Condition or Genetic Disorder that Lands Them in the Cracks and Crevices of Misdiagnosed Care. Today, They can Have a Graphic Timeline Thanks to Katie McCurdy of Pictal Health.

In this episode Ron chats with Katie McCurdy, the Founder of Pictal Health. Here she discusses her journey with her own autoimmune disease and how it inspired her to create Pictal Health. Her platform enables patients to share invisible symptoms, mental health issues, and other complex health problems with their families and providers. She also talks about success stories that patients have had using the platform.

Katie is a designer, autoimmune patient, and founder of Pictal Health. She created a new way for patients with complex health issues to tell their stories visually – so they feel heard and understood as they work with their doctors to get the right diagnosis and treatment. Prior to founding Pictal Health, Katie designed products and services for diverse healthcare companies and organizations. She lives, skis, hikes, and eats chocolate in Burlington, VT.

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Examples from Pictal Health:


Episode # 82 – Which COVID-19 Test is the Best? Here is a Tour de Force. Meet Dr. Amy Altman, a Former DOD Consultant for Biodefense with a PhD and a Master’s in Microbiology, Now at Reliant Immune Diagnostics as its Chief Operating Officer. She has answers.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Amy Altman. Amy is the COO of Reliant Immune Diagnostics. Here, they dive into world of COVID-19 testing. They discuss the three different main types of testing along with the pros and cons of each, how testing has evolved throughout the pandemic, antibodies, and more. They also look at how the coronavirus is an RNA virus as opposed to a DNA virus, and what the difference is.

Dr. Altman joined Reliant Immune Diagnostics in April 2018 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer. She has over 20 years of experience in the medical device and life science industries with a demonstrated history of innovation and successful product launches. As COO, she is responsible for driving excellence and performance in research and development, product development and commercialization and business development to drive cutting-edge performance and revenue. Prior to joining Reliant, Dr. Altman spent 10 years at Luminex Corporation building and managing adjacent business for the company as Vice President, Biodefense and Protein Diagnostics, where she developed and commercialized FDA cleared diagnostic assays and biological detection assays for biodefense applications. Prior to Luminex, Dr. Altman was an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton providing science and technology consulting to clients in the US Department of Defense.  Dr. Altman received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Microbiology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Vanderbilt University in 2000.

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Episode # 81 – Nora Belcher Founded the Largest e-Health Alliance in the Country and Speaks the Recent Truth and Lessons a Pandemic Teaches about Digital and Telehealth.

In this episode Nora Belcher, the Executive Director of the Texas e-Health Alliance, joins the show again. Here she does a deep dive into telehealth policy. Telehealth has changed significantly since her last time on the show. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused telehealth policy to change at a very rapid rate. It has also cause telehealth usage to skyrocket across Texas and the Nation. She also talks about the future of telehealth policy. She also looks at the future of telehealth as a whole and how it could be utilized in more of a whole health model or remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic care.

Nora is the Executive Director of the Texas e-Health Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group that she started in 2009 to give health information technology stakeholders a voice in public policy.  The Texas e-Health Alliance serves as the state’s leading advocate, from local communities to the national level, for the use of information technology to improve the health care system for patients. She is widely considered to be one of the state’s leading experts in telemedicine, having worked on the issue for over 20 years in a variety of roles.  During the most recent Texas legislative session, Ms. Belcher led the coalition that passed SB 1107, which was a significant step in opening up the Texas market for full use of telemedicine. Ms. Belcher holds a bachelor’s degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin and owns a hardcover first edition of Game of Thrones.

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Episode # 80 – Jeanne Teshler, CEO of Wellsmith has “Run the Three Minute Mile” by Reversing Type 2 Diabetes 30% in Several Clinical Trials.

In this episode, Ron chats with Jeanne Teshler, CEO of Wellsmith. Here, they discuss how Wellsmith works as a digital health platform. The platform enables people to make smart decisions regarding their health. It also provides doctors with important data to give them insights into how to best treat their patients. Jeanne talks about the importance of getting doctors to be cheerleaders for a whole health model and the difficulties with this in a fee for service payment model. Jeanne encourages healthcare consumers to take control of their own health and her goal is to provide them with the tools to do so.

Jeanne has pioneered innovative solutions over the past 25 years to address complex challenges in consumer products, technology and healthcare industries, during times of rapid change and uncertainty. Jeanne’s latest venture, Wellsmith, is a consumer centric solution that leverages technologies to provide real-time power, insight and control to consumers and their care providers to continuously improve quality of care, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Jeanne is a highly sought-after speaker and panelist for consumer and medical conferences in the US and abroad.

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Episode # 79 – HuffPost called it! RubiconMD is One of the Five Companies Redefining Healthcare. Meet its Co-Founders Gil Addo and Carlos Reines, and hear why.

In this episode Ron chats with Gil Addo and Carlos Reines, Co-Founders of RubiconMD. Here they do a deep dive into their platform and how it is changing primary care. RubiconMD helps to alleviate unnecessary visits to specialists by providing timely eConsults to primary care providers. These same-day eConsults can even be done with multiple specialties at the same time saving the patient a lot of time and money. Their platform is especially powerful in direct primary care and value based care.

Gil is the CEO and Co-founder of RubiconMD. He has appeared in Inc, Forbes, CNBC and Fortune Magazine. He’s been named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in healthcare, Crains New York Business’ 40 under 40 and Business Insider’s 30 under 40 in healthcare. In 2017, Crains New York named Gil as their Heritage Healthcare Innovator of the Year. He holds a BS in Economics and Biomedical Engineering from Yale and an MBA from Harvard.

Carlos is the President and Co-founder of RubiconMD. Originally from Spain, he’s passionate about leveraging technology to drive change in healthcare and improve patient lives. Prior to RubiconMD, Carlos led a division at Telefonica, one of the largest telecom companies in the world. He began his career in digital health at Siemens Medical in Pennsylvania.

In 2019, Carlos was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He obtained his Engineering degree at the Polytechnic University in Madrid, Spain with specialization in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Episode # 78 – John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple & President of Pepsi is now Chairman of the Board and CMO of RxAdvance, a Tech Driven PBM that Outlines who Wins as Technology Replaces and Restores our Creaky and Broken Sickcare System

In this episode, Ron chats with John Sculley, Chairman and CMO of RxAdvance. John is also the former CEO of Apple and President of Pepsi. Here, they do a deep dive into the world of PBMs and what makes RxAdvance special. RxAdvance is the first cloud-based Pharmacy Benefit Management platform. Pharmaceuticals and their related therapies and specialty drugs account for $750 billion of expense a year. It’s the single largest cost of the US healthcare system. RxAdvance’s machine learning, disruptive innovation will be one of the most important better ways to give chronic care patients a higher quality of care in their own homes at significantly lower costs; while reducing the rate of readmission back into the hospital. John also shares some insights he gained from working alongside Steve Jobs back in his time at Apple.

John Sculley is an entrepreneur and the former CEO of Pepsi-Cola and Apple. He is an expert in disruptive marketing strategies. An active investor and mentor, he is also the author of Moonshot! Game Changing Strategies to Build a Billion Dollar Business.

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Episode # 77 – Dr. Marion Mass is an Urgent Care Pediatrician who Collaborated to Lead a Movement with 8M Followers Today. She is a Living Prescription for Doc Led Activism and Courage.

In this episode Ron chats with the physician advocate, Dr. Marion Mass. Marion is an Urgent Care Pediatrician and Co-Founder of the Practicing Physicians of America. Here they discuss how she got into advocacy, and how many physicians justifiably feel pressured to keep their mouths shut. She talks about what it is like to stand up to big medicine in Americana and the need to push them towards transparency. They also discuss the current pandemic and its effects on both healthcare and the mental health of the nation.

Marion is a mother, a pediatrician, a community volunteer, a writer, and an advocate to insure a high-quality, sustainable healthcare system in America that will attract bright hardworking minds in the future.

The Practicing Physicians of America advocates for all patients by advocating for the profession of medicine. The social media reach of PPA is viral. They are a consortium of grassroots physician advocacy groups that believe that the key to good care starts with the relationship between a patient and their doctor. They advocate that physicians be able to practice medicine that is in the best interest of their patients and not for the benefit of the special interest groups that have taken over medicine.

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Episode # 76 – Wait! You are One of 500,000 Members with a Direct Primary Care Doc and You Don’t Know about Sedera? Learn How Medical Cost Sharing is the Perfect Pairing for DPC with Jamie Lagarde, its CEO and Why This was the Fastest Growing Company in Fast Growth Austin Last Year.

In this episode Ron chats with Jamie Lagarde, CEO of Sedera, a medical cost sharing organization. Medical cost sharing is non-insurance where all members share funds for medical care. There is no provider network, and there is no insurance company. Here they do a deep dive into how medical cost sharing works and what differentiates it from an insurance company. They also talk about affordable it is and how it provides a much better “bang for your buck” than health insurance. Here, they also explore how medical cost sharing works alongside direct primary care and how the two complement each other.

Jamie is a successful serial entrepreneur and experienced executive with a consistent track record of rapidly accelerating top line growth, improving profitability, and building successful organizations. His functional experience spans new technology implementation, launching start-ups, streamlining operations, and he is seasoned in leveraging his background from a variety of executive management roles. He is a dedicated leader focused on developing and retaining top talent, and has a collaborative style that works extremely well with customers and partners alike.

As CEO of Sedera, Jamie brings over 15 years of healthcare experience and over 20 years of operational and information technology expertise to the Team.  His daily mission is to empower individuals to form better collaborative partnerships with their healthcare providers and to radically change the way we pay for healthcare, one member at a time.

Jamie is also an active member of the Austin community.   He serves on the Goodwill Central Texas Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  He is an active Board member of C12 and The Karis Group.  Jamie, his wife Alisha, and their three young boys are parishioners of Saint John Neumann Church, and are founding members of the Austin Legatus Chapter.

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Episode # 75 – Dr. Lee Gross is the Voice of Direct Primary Care in the White House, Congress, CMS, HHS, and IRS. Hear the games Bigs play.

In this episode, Ron chats with Dr. Lee Gross, the Founder of Epiphany Direct Primary Care. Here they do a deep dive into a more affordable and more effective model of healthcare. This model is built around direct primary care and price transparency. Dr. Gross also talks about the success he has had working with a rural hospital in South Florida. Lee is a pioneer in healthcare who is consulted by policy leaders from the local to the federal level. He has even provided formal testimony for the US Senate and provide consultation to CMS, HHS, and the White House.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Gross is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He was elected chief resident of his family medicine residency program at University Hospitals of Cleveland.

After years in private practice in Florida, he and his colleagues had an “epiphany” about an affordable health care solution, free of insurance and government intrusion. Now, a Direct Primary Care revolution is sweeping across the nation, providing access to health care for those who have been neglected by the system for decades.

Dr. Gross is a pioneer in the Direct Primary Care delivery model, frequently speaking at national meetings, conducting media interviews about free-market health care innovations and writing articles for national publications. He is a health care consultant to physician practices, medical organizations, insurance groups, hospitals and private businesses. He is consulted by lawmakers and policy leaders on local, state and federal health policy initiatives, including formal testimony for the United States Senate and consultation with leadership at CMS, HHS, Labor, Treasury and The White House.

He serves as the president of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, a national health policy think tank of practicing physicians committed to the establishment of an American health care economy which preserves the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship, promotes quality care, supports affordable access to care for all Americans and protects patient’s personal health care decisions.

D4PCF is the leading educator of DPC physicians. It has trained over 1,000 physicians in the Direct Primary Care delivery model through grant-supported national conferences since 2016.

Dr. Gross serves on the Board of Trustees of an HCA Hospital and as a Delegate to the Florida Medical Association. He is President of his county Medical Society. He is appointed to the FMA Council on Medical Economics and Practice Innovation. Dr. Gross is a recipient of HCA’s Frist Humanitarian award. He has received the Free Market Medical Association’s Beacon Award for his leadership in healthcare market reforms.

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Episode # 74 – Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge Get Real and Right Down to the Metrics that Make Rosencare a National Model that Changes Everything.

In this episode Ron welcomes back Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge of Rosencare. Here, they do a deep dive into what makes the Rosencare model special. They discuss how their healthcare model gives them a financial, recruiting, and retention advantage over their competitors. They offer a whole health model for their employees that includes primary care, mental health, wellness classes that focus on fitness and eating right, and much more.

Since 1991, Rosen Hotels & Resorts has offered an innovative in-house healthcare program that has saved the company approximately $340 million (as of April 2018), affording the opportunity to provide associates incredibly low premiums and innovative programs. The plan features on-the-clock visits to primary care doctors and a variety of specialists at the onsite. company-owned and operated Rosen Medical Center, A Place for Healing and Wellness; minimal co-pays for office visits and prescriptions; and a focus on prevention and wellness/exercise programs. Although Rosen has never measured the soft cost savings such as increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved presenteeism, no doubt the savings are significant. These cost savings are truly astounding considering the diversity of the Rosen workforce and the large number of hourly associates who have emigrated from other countries, many who have never received regular healthcare, and some who have never seen a doctor. In January 2012, the Rosen Medical Center, A Place for Healing and Wellness, opened as a new, freestanding building at 7656 International Drive, near the Rosen Inn International hotel. The facility is approximately 12,000 square feet and took the place of the previous 3,500-square-foot medical center that was located within the hotel.

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